DVI extenders

Evetron Fiber optic DVI extenders are designed as a set of transmitter and receiver. They transmit DVI signals over lines by 1/2/4 multimode fiber. Transmitter and receiver modules are made as miniature form factor and designed to connect directly to the DVI connectors of connectable devices.

Dual LC connectorsare are used to connect then by fiber-optic cables. Evetron devices are supplied from the power supply in the interface or by an external power supply included into a package. A connection according to DDC channel is emulated with special unit with pre-recorded display identification data (EDID).


Fiber connection allows lossless transfering of graphic signal with max. resolution 1920x1200 60Hz over distances up to 500 meters.




• Compact size

• Easy installation

• Reads and restores the targeted EDID in the transmitter (Self-EDID)

• Provides Power, Status (Signal transmission in transmitter and signal detection in receiver) LEDindicators

• Auto-power switching 

• WUXGA  (1920x1200), 60Hz

• Bit rate up to 1.65Gbps/channel

• Uncompressed DVI signal up to 500m (1640ft) over a pair of duplex LC multi-mode fiber

• Operating temperature: 0~50℃

• Storage temperature: -30~70℃

• Input power: +5V 1A

• Size (WDH): 39x59x15mm


Certified by CE, FCC.