Evetron company is the famous Russian supplier of KVM equipment. Our philosophy is to provide fail-proof solutions for entertainment and production.

The CEO of Video Media Group company Vasily Chernov is a graduated technical engineer. He is well-known expert of KVM market in Russia more than 8 years since 2007. Mr. Chernov is the distribution pioneer of Adder and Guntermann & Drunck at Russian market.


Vasily Chernov permanently acts as the main technology manager and the center of competence. He is well acquainted with the needs of consumers, how to satisfy them with technologies. Mr. Chernov has got wide knowledges of KVM manufactures and suppliers market. That's why he decided to establish Evetron company in 2014.


Evetron KVM devices


From the beginning and now the Evetron product line is the best models family which includes various manufacturers of fail-safe equipment for signals extending and switching: audio, video and computer interfaces.


Development and Solutions for Russian clients


After complication of foreign relations in Russian Federation since the beginning of 2015 a lot of companies faced difficulties in products and components importing for their projects. Evetron top management made a decision to locate the manufacturing of most popular KVM equipment in Russia. There were taken well proven technologies which provide two results: low price and high quality.


In accordance with partners contracts Evetron is able to use licensed technologies, diagrams, drawings and solutions. Moreover, the company has got rights to upgrade and customize these solutions on requests of Russian customers.


New devices developed for Russian customers


Since mid-2015 Vasily Chernov and Evetron engineers have developed and launched into production of 3 new solutions which have no analogues over the world. Before releasing a each new model on the market Vasily Chernov take a personally part in device stress testing to be sure that this model is fail-safe and useful for clients. It helps to make smooth solutions for systems integrators and efficiently resolve any issues.



  1. LDF-8U2. Universal KVM Extender. This upgraded and redesigned version of LDF-8U2 is already used by many system integrators for their solutions.
  2. LDF-2U2. Dual monitor KVM Extender (low price model of ADF-2U2). It based on an customer solution order by a system integrator for industrial automation.
  3. LDFM. The matrix KVM switch. LDFM is designed especially or Russian system integrators which make thei solutions in broadcasting.
  4. ADLF-1U2 and ADLF -2U2. Single and dual monitor KVM extenders. These devices are developed on requests of Russian system integrators.


The company's specialists constantly monitor and systematize reviews of all devices Evetron. The data is mining as well as on test polygons as in field. All reviews, comments and observations are documented and processed. The result of this work is regular updates and devices customization and new accessories.


As a consequence of this co-operation with solution providers in 2015 there were made new devices, redundant power supplies, chassis for mounting rack, workplaces, etc., software, hardware and firmware updates for performance optimization.


At this moment new Evetron devices are designing for launch which is scheduled for the next year. 




Most system integrators test all the equipment themselves before buying. Certainly, Evetron provides every device for test. All of products and their modifications are thoroughly tested under its own steam before output. 


Technical support


Evetron guarantees support for all steps: presales, solutions consulting, post-sale support. As usual it’s possible to make any equipment replacements within 24 hours. 




The Evetron trademark is registered in Rospatent (Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property). Company has got Type Approval and CU Conformity Certificate.

Evetron is going  to get a ISO 19600:2014 Compliance Management Systems Certificate in the near future.


For more than a year of Evetron sales the company has established a reputation for dependable solutions with low prices for the broadcasting, air navigation, and industrial automation.