KVM consoles

Evetron KVM consoles is an innovation in commutation and control servers sphere. They made as a compact 1U format combination of high quality KVM technology and TFT-monitor, keyboard and touch-pad. With a single KVM-consoleuser you can control up to 32 devices. Cascade connection of KVM switches and/or consoles increases this quantity up to 1024.

Switching takes less than 5 seconds if you use special keys on a console front panel. KVM console provides an automatic scan ports for connection and initialization of new devices (servers) without reboot.


Consoles are equipped with 17-inch LCD display (TFT matrix). Max. resolution is 1920x1440.


Evetron KVM consoles can be easily installed in 1U. They can be pulled with telescopic slides. Connection with a server is provided by cables VGA + USB, VGA + PS/2 or patch cords with adapters. KVM switches support cascading. You can add or disconnect tem without turning off the KVM server due to “hot" connection.


Evetron produces the following KVM consoles


Full HD KVM console


  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Display size 17”


Dual Rail KVM console


  • Full HD resolution 1920x1200
  • Display size 17”


KVM consoleWith enhanced brightness


  • Brightness 1000 cd
  • Resolution 1280x1024
  • Display size 17"/19"


KVM console solutions for Macintosh


  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Display size 17"



All models of KVM consoles are fully compatible with KVM switches for server rooms and can be used together. For devices connection you need to link them with a standard KVM cables.


Certified by CE, FCC.