Air traffic control solutions

High resolution and high reliability. These are the main features which the equipment for air traffic controllers should provide.

Quiet ergonomic workplaces are necessary for ATC dispatchers. Air traffic controllers requires modern workstations with a high resolution screens. But these solutions are provided with high-performance and noisy computers. That’s the reason that computers are usually placed in server room.


Using fiber-optic KVM extenders you can put your computer at a distance up to 10km from the workplace. It allows you to move computers and other accessories to the relevant place. The diagram shows that each air traffic controller has 2 computers: primary workstation and redundant one. If the main computer fails a dispatcher can immediately switch to the backup computer.


A KVM switch is connected to the KVM transmitter to another room, where workplaces of the air traffic controllers are hosted. There are only keyboard, mouse and monitor on tables of air traffic controllers. Image transmitted to a monitor without interference and transformation through the use of fiber optic cable. Every operator gets the perfect picture as if the computer is connected directly to the monitor.