Industry automation

When you come into a control room of industrial processes monitoring it is not easy to understand that this place is a part of a manufacturing. This room looks like an ordinary office with a lot of workplaces and displays. A staff is working at their keyboards, mouses and monitors connected to any computers as well as this users are able to show the necessary information on the display wall.

The control room is divided into two areas: the production process controls and equipment status control. The first room is connected to the matrix switching system. Computers with KVM transmitters are connected to a KVM matrix switcher. Signals from a matrix switcher can be transfered to users via KVM receivers and to a video wall using a video receiver.  Users in the second room are connected directly to computers via KVM extender. To improve the security conditions computersare is duplicated. So, if a problem occurs, the user with KVM switcher can connect to another computer. 


This system allows to distinguish users to specific areas of responsibility, to ensure security of the entire system by separating computers to a special place and improving the ergonomic of the workspace. Nothing distracts users from their duties now!